I am highly motivated scientist who is interested in cardiometabolic disorders, cancer, health and nutrition. After 10 years of experience in biomedical research, my focus on these key research fields, has equipped me with an in-depth understanding of the molecular, systemic, social and environmental drivers of these disorders. This insight allows me to develop innovative approaches to tackle such complex multi-factorial issues. Through eight preclinical and clinical projects, I have been able to fulfil my commitment to improving scientific processes for an open and more reproducible science that has a real impact on patients battling these diseases; a goal for which I also actively contribute to the Canadian reproducibility Network.

Along the way, I have published 36 research items, including high-impact original papers, and mentored 9 students, cultivating a passion for learning, transmitting, growing, and contributing to the common good. I have also honed my communication skills and learned to work and exchange with a vast audience of people by giving national and international talks but also with researchers in the lab, with doctors and nurses in the clinic and with key contacts in the industry.

But more than skills and knowledge, I have come to learn the importance of people in all endeavour, prompting me to better appreciate ethics, diversity, and inclusion, three principles that I have strived to implement and champion in my volunteering, leadership, mentoring and management positions.

Key information about me

Skills: Critical thinker | Team player | Problem-solver | Information finder | Quick Learner | Effective communication and collaboration | Project management and roadmapping | Scientific writing and public speaking | Networking | Data analysis | Event organisation and management

Extensive knowledge about : cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity | cancer (Gastrointestinal, bone, and leukaemia) and cancer therapy | Immunity and inflammation | Nutrition and healthy ageing

Languages : Native in French | Fluent (quasi-native) in English | Proficient in Arabic, Spanish | Training in German | Functional in Python and Javascript

Non-professional Interests: New technologies and artificial intelligence, ecology, philosophy

Hobbies: Mountain hiking, traveling, non-profits, cultural exchange, writing