Technical skills and Abilities

Translational Skills

Critical thinking | Team player | Problem-solving | Information finding | Quick learner | Effective communication and collaboration | Project management and roadmapping | Scientific writing and public speaking | Networking | Data analysis | Event organization and management | Intellectual property | Commercialization and entrepreneurship | Regulatory compliance | Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) | Health and safety management | Risk assessment | Ethical considerations | Customer service | Marketing and sales |

Computer Skills

Proficiency in office software suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, zoom, Teams) | data analysis software and programming (SAS, SPSS, R, Python, colab, github, codepen) | reference management software (Endnote, Zotero) | proteomics analysis software (MaxQuant) | transcriptomics analysis software (Agilent) | network modeling software (Cytoscape) | artificial intelligence and data-mining software (Rapidminer, Peekaboo, R) | application design software (Outsystems, AppGyver) | web design (HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, WordPress) | image processing and graphic design (ImageJ, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Sketchbook, Biorender) | visual communication (Powerpoint, Prezi, Shotcut).

General and Administrative Skills in Research

Expertise in project organization and planning | experimental design and bias-proof analysis planning | statistical data analysis | methodological research and protocol writing | team recruitment, supervision, and management | technical and theoretical troubleshooting in cellular and molecular biology and clinical research | grant and manuscript writing | course design, planning and preparation of educational materials | teaching and training in biomedical research, cardiometabolic health, immunity, nutrition, clinical studies | networking | career planning | communication | illustration (posters, visual abstracts, figure design, summary illustrations, digital biomedical paintings/illustrations, video editing) | event/conference organization (speaker recruitment, website creation and design, chatbot programming, etc.) | scientific translation | webmastering and community management.

Technical Skills in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Proficiency in techniques such as cloning | bacterial transformation | transfection | cell screening using xCELLigence | cell culture | DNA extraction (genomic and metagenomic) | RNA extraction | DNA polymerization | DNA and RNA sequencing | molecular hybridization | polymerase chain reaction (PCR) | gel electrophoresis | RNA microarray | affinity capture | solid-phase, liquid, and gas chromatography | cell counting | primary and cell line culture (classical, 3D, normoxia, hypoxia) | DNA footprinting | dot blot | poly(A) extension test | immunoprecipitation | ligation | Northern blot | nuclease protection assay | plasmid design | rapid antigen test | ELISA | reverse transfection | transmission electron microscopy | western blot | western blot normalization | fluorescence microscopy | phase-contrast microscopy | confocal microscopy | dynamic light scattering | flow cytometry (cells and nanoparticles) | cell fractionation | ultracentrifugation | simulated digestion system TIM-1.

Technical Skills – in vivo Experimentation

Expertise in animal handling | injection | IV/IP administration | IV blood sampling | cardiac puncture | glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) | insulin measurement | animal sacrifice and dissection (major organs, specialized in the digestive system) | visualization of live animals using live-imaging techniques | Proficiency in animal models such as DSS-induced colitis, pediatric malnutrition, pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Technical Skills in Clinical Research

Proficiency in patient recruitment | interacting with patients and families | defining ethical framework | preparing forms | coordinating with healthcare team | stool collection | exploration of medical records | managing biobank samples | biochemical analysis | collection and processing of clinical data, including therapeutic schedules.